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  1. Jay Bennett November 21, 2008 at 1:46 pm |

    I love this and wish I had seen it in person. I like the slides, info, video, and your insight. I would love to present something like this to my daughter’s school board. In fact I think that I am going to send a copy of this link to the superintendent and see if there is any interest, how much of this can I borrow? I see a creative commons license for the site, does it apply to the presentation? I would make my own but I may borrow some of your presentation ideas and content. Nice job!

  2. Ken Allan November 22, 2008 at 2:43 am |

    Kia ora Britt.

    Let’s not get buoyed up on the hype of a video. I agree with the message.

    Young people today are no different from when they were walking the planet 3000 years ago – I guarantee it. They have, as their in-built mechanism for survival, a baloney-detector. It tells them that the old foggies don’t know what they’re talking about – probably because for thousands of years they didn’t, for they were trully past it.

    Today you and I know that’s a load of baloney 🙂

    An artefact of that in-built baloney-detector is that young people don’t really want to hang out with adults per se. The up-shot of this is seen recently in what Jeff Cole says about how young people behave on the Net.

    They are social network hoppers. They first moved to Friendster and got shot of that because adults (20+) were using it. They moved to MySpace and got shot of that because it was actually designed for adults.

    They hopped to Facebook – ’nuff said. They then moved to Bebo, a network provider that designed thier stuff specially for young ‘uns.

    It’s not surprising that they don’t want to have a bar of email! THAT was the first attempt in communication using the Internet as we know it.

    I have 2 kids still at home – 14y and 18y. They both have Bebo accounts. My kids are different from most – they get on with their parents.

    Both my kids also have Facebook accounts. AND I’m a friend in both their groups on that networking site! Work that one out and you know how my mind works!

    I would no more ask them to make me a freind in their Bebo network than I would ask them to come with me to the RSA club. That would be so naf it’s not true, brother.

    Ka kite
    from Middle-earth

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