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  1. Enoch Hale July 30, 2015 at 9:44 am |

    Once again an insightful post. As I read your post I started making a few connections. I like your discussion of the “whole” as we (teachers and students) often lose sight of what content is: a system of interrelated and interconnected points that turn mere data, information or material into meaningful narratives. Instead, we focus on the details.

    As you discussed the whole person in the educational experience, it made me recall a quote from a book I’m reading called “The Unthinkable: who survives when disaster strikes- and why.” The author was citing some cognitive research by Damasio and stated: “Reason may not be as pure as most of us think it is or wish it were. At their best, feelings point us int he proper direction, take us to the appropriate place in a decision-making space, where we may put the instruments of logic to good use.” Just as new evidence compels us to move away from antiquated notions of human’s duality, so too must we place confidence in good reasoning and move away from pure didactic modes of instruction. That’s my two cents.

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