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  1. Enoch Hale January 7, 2018 at 11:33 am |

    Another stimulating and challenging post. Thanks Britt. I have been reflecting on my response, but I still remain tongue tied. Generally though, I cannot help but wonder the extent to which AI student robots can provide a mirror for (biologically human) student reflection. As knowledge continues to grow, so will Bina48’s. Each generation of human, however, must, to an extent, reconstruct a logic of “knowledge” that is disseminated. Unfortunately, we often take that logic for granted and assume we understand the things we use and with which we interface. I see Bina48, and those like her (it/them), as contributing an engagement with her human peers that forces us into questions that probe our assumptions framing our identities as thinkers. I maybe overly optimistic though.

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