Day 1 of Summer Institute

. It is finally here – our summer institute, where we spend a week working with 20 VCU faculty who are transitioning courses to the web.  My colleagues Jeff Nugent, Bud Deihl, and I have been working since February to develop and refine this institute, so it is exciting that it is finally underway! Our… Read more Day 1 of Summer Institute

Bridging the Chasm

In 10 days, we start our summer institute on online teaching and learning.  This is an experiment of sorts for my institution.  For the first time, our institute this year will be the start of an upcoming year-long process to help a cohort of faculty develop and teach online classes.  Following the institute, each member… Read more Bridging the Chasm

Great Ideas

I am a huge fan of Hugh MacLeod‘s art.  His “Great Ideas” really resonated with me. I could not help but think about the resistance I have seen over the years regarding moving from class-based instruction to online instruction.  My hope is that faculty are beginning to move beyond their fear of online learning to… Read more Great Ideas

High Concept – High Touch

One of the things I love about Twitter is how unexpectedly a nugget comes across that grabs your attention.  Such a nugget arrived this weekend from Emily Hurst attending the Medical Library Association 2010 conference. She was forwarding a remark from Daniel Pink, keynoter at that conference.  His comment resonated with me, particularly as I… Read more High Concept – High Touch

Old School, New School

I had the opportunity to attend the virtual ELI Spring Focus Session today on Mobile Learning 2.0. As the program noted: “Although mobile learning has different meanings for different communities, we know that learning is deepened and enriched when students have options for their learning for multiple paths through course content. Mobile technology not only… Read more Old School, New School