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I shared with my graduate class the blogs I that routinely read.  I must first caveat that statement by noting that I use Google Reader as an aggregator to collect any updates on a daily basis to the seventeen blogs that I subscribe to.  So, in no particular order, here are my favorite educational blogs:

21st Century Collaborative:  Excellent K-12 blog from Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, a Virginia Beach teacher currently working on her doctorate at the College of William and Mary.  She posts on helping students succeed in the 21st Century.  She helped create the amazing totally free, K12 Online Conference.

apophenia:   Doctoral student at Berkeley who is noted nationally as one of the leading experts in social networking sites for teens such as MySpace and Facebook.  I find her observations very insightful…though I do not always agree with her!  She was one of the people interviewed in FrontLine’s “Growing Up Online.”

CogDogBlog:  Insightful blog from Alan Levine, former Maricopa community college teacher and current VP and CTO at the New Media Consortium. 

Connectivism:  George Siemens’s blog on connectivism, a digital-driven knowledge creation process.  Another person I do not always agree with but find thought-provoking.

Designed to Inspire:  Blog on instructional design and technology by Jennifer Maddrell, an ODU doctoral student.  I thoroughly enjoy the reflective blogs of today’s doctoral students and Jennifer has one of the better ones that I have seen.

Digital Ethnography:   Michael Wesch’s class blog at KSU – home of some exciting class video projects that have certainly sparked discussion in the blogosphere.

cu si fara tehnologie:  Gabriela Grosseck’s blog from Timisoara, Romania.  Met her through College 2.0, discovered we both liked delicious and became very impressed with the technology sites she tags.

Gardner Writes:  Class blog of Gardner Campbell, fellow Virginian and professor at University of Mary Washington.  He’s worked in teaching and learning technologies for over a decade, at the University of Mary Washington and the University of Richmond, and currently serves on the Advisory Board of the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative, the Electronic Campus of Virginia, and the Virginia Learning Technology Advisory Committee.

Jon Udell:  Former InfoWorld editor currently working for Microsoft.  Has very insightful comments on technology and learning.

Making Change:  Cathy Moore’s blog on “lively” elearning.  Her blog is full of practical ideas for online teaching.

Minding the Planet:  Nova Spivek’s journal on the semantic web…visualizing the move from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0.  Helps me think outside the box.

Moving At the Speed of Creativity:  One of my favorite blogs – Wes Fryer’s look at educational technology.  He has worked in the Oklahoma school system and is currently pursuing a doctorate at Texas Tech.  I also subscribe to Wes’s podcasts through iTunes.

Onlinesapiens:  Blog by Eduardo Peirano, an educator in Uruguay who I met through the social networking site College 2.0 (along with Gabriela Grosseck).

The Bamboo Project Blog:  Michele Martin’s blog on innovation, blogging, and PLE’s.  Her recent blog on the social media spiral really had me thinking!

The Fish Wrapper:  How can you not love the name!  Another University of Mary Washington colleague – Martha Burtis – and her work with the Divsion of Teaching and Learning Technologies.

Tony’s Brain:  My friend and colleague, Tony Suess, who took over my old job of Director of Online Learning at Gwinnett Technical College in Georgia.  Tony is a typical retired Marine – he takes no prisoners!

Weblogg-ed:  Will Richardson’s blog, author of Blogs, Wikis, and Podcasts and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms – a must read for teachers!

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  1. I also read (in English):

    # Vicky Davis – The Cool Cat Teacher
    # Sue Waters – Mobile Technology in TAFE
    # Jane Knight – Jane’s Elearning Pick of the Day
    # Judy O’Connel – HeyJude! Learning is a Multimodal Conversation

    Great Edu-blogs!

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