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I have to admit that I am still trying to find balance in my life with my Web 2.0 processes. Having embraced social bookmarking, social networking, Google applications and RSS feeds, it seemed a good time to jump in to the Twitter pool. So I did…following 29 colleagues who I respect and being followed myself by 16 of them (thanks!). You can find me here.

But…as I am sure others have found, Twitter can be a real time-sucker! Even with a relatively small group to follow, I am seeing fascinating sides to their lives…and feeling compelled to tweet myself. Of course, my buddy, colleague and “real Deihl” Bud Deihl chose this week to dive in himself…and we have been reinforcing each other all week. Eduardo Peirano recommended MadTwitter so that I could have a feed automatically refreshed, but error messsages began appearing after one day, so I switched to Twhirl, which seems to work fine.

My challenge is to find the balance so that Twitter adds value to my work and practice without tying me up from completing my work and practice! There are several good blog suggestions out there…and I am learning. Any suggestions from you readers would be greatly appreciated!!!

Twitter Poster by catepol

[Photo Credits: gilest and catepol]

2 thoughts on “Twitter Balance

  1. Britt–keeping Twitter from being a massive time suck has continued to be one of my main problems! I keep wanting to love Twitter, but I’m afraid I’ll go out of business if I get too much into it. 🙂

  2. Tell me about it! I actually had a “free” day yesterday to catch up on some projects – no meetings or consults – and I finally broke off and went to the gym at 2pm after starting the day (and Twitter) at 7am.

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