Our Family’s 9/11 Memorial

It has been seven years since I saw a Yahoo news feed that a plane had hit the World Trade Center, and then watched with my wife in horror as the events of 9/11/2001 unfolded.   In those days, I was night dean and director of online learning at Gwinnett Technical College, so I worked 2pm-10pm shifts and had my mornings free for online work.  So I learned about the terrorist attack via my computer that morning.

CNN has an article this morning entitled “Creating 9/11 Memorials a Slow Process.”  It discusses the opening of a memorial at the Pentagon and the challenges associated with creating the New York memorial.  Memorials are important, as they provide a sense of closure and moving on to those impacted by the event.

I feel like my family has its own memorial.  One of my daughters chose 9/11 as the date for her marraige.  Steph and Chris are celebrating their fourth anniversary today, and they have blessed us with a wonderful grandson, and a granddaughter is expected around Christmas this year.  Their decision cast this date from one of terror to one of joy.  I know that there are many Stephs and Chris’s out there across American.  They represent what is positive about this country – a determination to move forward to better days.  As I reflect on this day and what it has meant to our country, I also reflect on how our country has rebounded…and that is a good feeling.

Happy Anniversary, Stephanie and Chris!

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