Blogging Panel Discussion

I had the privilege of facilitating a panel discussion today during one of our Brown Bag luncheons in which Terry Carter and Jon Becker joined me to discuss new opportunities for academic publishing. All three of us blog, and we shared how we each use blogs in education.  Our podcast is located here. Give a listen as we attempt to address key questions about how blogging supports critically reflective practice, functions as a form of academic publishing and enables us to play a role Jon Becker described as public intellectuals.

Links mentioned during the above podcast:

Jon Becker’s blog – Educational Insanity

Terry Carter’s blog – Coming About

This blog – Learning in a Flat World

Henry Jenkins – Why Academics Should Blog

Michelle Martin – Social Media Spiral

Open Notebook Science Project

{My thanks to Jeff Nugent and Bud Deihl for recording and mixing this podcast).

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