Seasons Greetings

My wife and I visited the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens last night, which are decorated for the season in lights.  Our “holiday card” to all of you are the following pictures I shot last night.  I was also testing out my Christmas present – a Nikon D60:

View from Visitor Center

Spider Web

Spiders along the walkway!


Path through woods

Hope that you enjoy!

One thought on “Seasons Greetings

  1. Kia ora Britt

    What fantastic light displays at Christmas! Blue seems to be the IN colour for Christmas lights this year. Thank you for sharing these great photos.


    You may be aware that you are in my Top Ten Commenters and as such you would be entitled to the award, courtesy Scott McLeod, according to his award criteria.

    I had not intended the display of the medals on my post to indicate that I was giving the award to myself. I understand that it may have looked like that and I apologise. I’ve amended the display so that there is now no confusion about this.

    The awards are for my top ten commenters, however, of which you are one. Thank you for your comment contribution to my blog this year. I have thoroughly enjoyed your visits.

    All the best of the season
    from Middle-earth

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