The Meaning of Free

I have fallen in love with Pandora, a web based “radio station.” If you have not tried it, you register for free, and then put in a song you like, and Pandora takes that song and develops a playlist of similar songs. I have found that it has a vast repository of songs and have… Read more The Meaning of Free

My BFO of the Week

In getting set to start the Fall Semester teaching an online class, I have been totally revamping the previous course I taught (as you know from previous posts) and have been neck-deep in Blackboard. This week, I had a BFO – Navy lingo for a Blinding Flash of the Obvious! My BFO – Blackboard may… Read more My BFO of the Week

What Happened August 6th?

I was checking out a cool visualization application that Jeff Nugent alerted me to in Twitter this morning – Twitter StreamGraph. I entered “elearning” and got the following graph: Since Twitter Streamgraph grabs the last 200 tweets that used the word “elearning”, it makes me wonder what happened on August 6th that jumped its usage… Read more What Happened August 6th?

Rest in Peace, Randy

Randy Pausch, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University, died today. He was diagnosed just two years ago with pancreatic cancer and told he had months to live. I never met Randy, but I along with millions heard his “Last Lecture” that he gave to his faculty and students…and kids. It was a message of life,… Read more Rest in Peace, Randy

Offline for 5 Days

I spent the last five days offline…going north to rescue my wife from 4 weeks of grandmothering in New England with our two daughters and (one each) grandchildren. She had a ball, but was also pretty tired and ready to come home. So arriving back home, I turned on the computer for the first time… Read more Offline for 5 Days