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  1. Elaine Talbert January 21, 2009 at 1:11 am |

    Since they are Peter’s “e” list then they can’t be changed.
    Since, nouns, verbs, adjectives are involved, I would look to possibly expand with:
    eclectic as in build an extensive repertoire,
    elaborate as in expand or extend with relevant detail

    Useful ideas and thoughtful translation.
    Thanks Elaine

  2. John Zurovchak January 21, 2009 at 9:09 am |


    I saw this post from Tom as well yesterday. I took a look at it then, but I love how you made the intellectual leap to apply them to your area of expertise (Aha! There is another one – expertise!). Thank you for getting the conversation going. I am sure that we can continue to build on this list of “E’s”


  3. Ken Allan January 27, 2009 at 5:16 pm |

    Kia ora Britt

    Interest – (I don’t see any real allusion to this anywhere)

    Relevance – this is mentioned by you under engagement. Engagement is an area in itself and I see the connection with this and interest as being tenuous. True, that something that interests will tend to stimulate engagement. I would put interest as a separate attribute.

    There are three special attributes that elearning should have – I believe these with a passion.

    One is not mentioned (that I can see) in this list, and the other is mentioned as a subset (in passing) in another.

    The three that’s important to ALL learning, never mind elearning, are:

    Engagement – (this is listed – but I now wonder if we are all talking about the same thing:-) ).

    My feeling is that 19 categories, chosen so that they fit an alphabetical criterion, is not only diluting the importance of key attributes, but also tend to divert any prioritisation. I have listed my 3 in order of priority, as both interest and relevance lead to a state where engagement can be worked on.

    I’d be interested to learn what you think of these points.

    Catchya later
    from Middle-earth

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