Podcast, Questions, and Pi Day

Question Day 2014I mentioned to Enoch Hale that he was a man ahead of his time…because he issued his 30-day challenge to ask good questions about teaching…and it turns out that today is Question Day 2014 in celebration of Albert Einstein’s 135th anniversary of his birth.

So it seemed appropriate for Jeff Nugent, Enoch, Laura Gogia and I to get together this morning and reflect on our teaching journey in GRAD-602.

Our theme this morning dealt with the idea of facilitating the transition of “expert students” to becoming “novice teachers.”  Our GRAD-602 course offers multiple opportunities for metacognition – thinking about teaching – both within the moment in the class and through their learning journals between classes.  Our question this morning (which I will co-opt for my question today):

Day 7: How can we facilitate the ability and skill of our students to move from meta – or abstract – to concrete when it comes to their own learning.

Give a listen:

And before I forget, Happy Pi Day!


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