Leading in a Wired World

Next week, I will once again be teaching a section of ILD 831 – Technology and Leadership – in Creighton University’s Interdisciplinary Doctorate in Leadership.  I have taught this course for five years and over those years, evolved the course, shifting the textbook from Tom Friedman’s (2007) The World is Flat to Clay Shirky’s (2008) Here Comes Everybody to currently Dave Weinberger’s (2011) Too Big To Know.  The course flow looks like this.

This is a fascinating time to consider leadership in a wired world.  As the past few weeks have illustrated, we have a government in transition in America in which policy implications are unfolding on the President-Elect’s Twitter stream.  What does this suggest for those studying leadership in courses such as mine?  At a minimum, old rules no longer apply!

We will have two sections of ILD 831 exploring topics around leading in a networked and wired world, and I look forward to the blog commentary that will start up later next week.  I will be aggregating posts in Netvibes, so feel free to join in and comment as you see opportunities.

3 thoughts on “Leading in a Wired World

  1. Oh, man… how very fortunate are those students! The books that you’ve selected are terrific. Of course, you know that I really valued the learning that I garnered from Weinberger. I would certainly enjoy following along and reading the other two books mentioned.

    Hope that the semester is a enlightening for your new students as it will be for you. Hope you can continue the discussion outside of class using a sound cloud. I looked forward to hearing how the discussion continued, which is a sign of great learning!
    Best to you,

  2. Thanks, Laurie. I still recall the night Dave tweeted that he liked your Scoop-It report on his book. The connected learning world is amazing, and I look for good things to continue with this term! Join in the commenting if you can! And Happy New Year to you as well!

  3. I look forward to this course and have a great appreciation for the work by Friedman. We used it in my global leadership course at Seton Hall University’s MASCL (Master’s of Strategic Communication and Leadership) program. I have always felt that the rise of social media and its availability for people across the world is leveling the playing field which was once dominated by uber governments, corporations, and figureheads.

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