Inevitable Thresholds

Adam Barger wrote a post this week in the Educause Review blog entitled, “Educational Technology Leadership and Practice in Higher Education: The Emergence of Threshold Concepts.”  “Threshold” is an interesting term that grabs your attention!  Merriam-Webster defines “threshold” as (a) the plank that lies under a door, (b) the place or point of an ending… Read more Inevitable Thresholds


Something I tweeted earlier this week…but it keeps circling around in my head: Anyone in faculty dev should read @hjarche post “the uncertain future of training” … very relevant to our field – — Britt Watwood (@bwatwood) May 10, 2017 Harold noted in “the uncertain future of training” that training courses are artifacts of… Read more Futuremark

Will AI Do Improv?

There has been a lot on the news lately about artificial intelligence and how it is impacting the future.  Already there are advice posts regarding how AI can enhance education, such as “7 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Change Higher Education” or “Could Online Tutors and Artificial Intelligence be the Future of Teaching?”. Yet, this morning… Read more Will AI Do Improv?