Are You In Alignment?

NEU CPS Conference

This coming Friday, I will be in Boston to co-present with my colleagues Elizabeth Mahler and Shannon Alpert at the Northeastern University College of Professional Studies 2019 Faculty Development Conference.

Our presentation is about alignment…specifically, the alignment that should be present between learning objectives, teaching strategies, and assessments. We touch on Bloom’s Taxonomy, TPACK, and an Alignment Matrix.  Elizabeth developed a nice graphic we called a Stair Step for aligning Bloom’s verbs with teaching strategies (see slide 9) and Shannon created the Alignment Matrix on Slide 13.  We will use my current Northeastern class – EDU6333 – Social Media and Beyond – as the example course to apply both of these.  Three sources that informed our presentation were Philip Preville’s The Professor’s Guide to Using Bloom’s Taxonomy, the University of Arkansas’ Bloom’s Taxonomy Verb Chart, and TPACK’s website.

Check out our slides below:

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