Managing Your Online Class

Managing your online class

Your role as a faculty member changes as you move online, as does the role of students.  The online environment gives them access to much information, but has the potential to overwhelm them.  As you guide the class and facilitate their learning, you are using new practices yourself and establishing new routines for yourself.

As we noted in the last section, we are differentiating between “teaching practices” and “management practices.”

With that in mind, some key questions in this section are:

  • How can you make your expectations clear to students who you never see physically?
  • How can you manage the increased amount of reading you yourself will do in an online classes?
  • How can you get your students to see you (and their fellow students) as a real person?
  • In a cut and paste world, how is copyright and concepts such as Creative Commons altering how academic integrity is viewed?
  • How do you ensure that students with special needs are accommodated in your class?
  • Who should you refer students to if they have technical issues in your online class?

This section includes: