Tools – RSS, Aggregation, and Curation

Nick Grantham stated that “if Twitter is the fire hose of information, then RSS is the water cooler.  It’s calm, organized and I can sip comfortably and carefully at the pace I want.”

Good analogy! RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and at its simplest, is a process that allows you to subscribe to web sites that frequently update (news, blogs, etc.) and feed this content to you so that you do not miss anything. I have found it more reliable than catching news by chance on social media…though both have advantages.

Aggregation websites make it easy to subscribe to an RSS feed.  Some popular aggregators are:

Curation involves specifically gathering web resources (as opposed to capturing feeds as they occur in aggregation). Some recent articles on using curation in learning are:

Note: Some tools mentioned, like Storify and Learnist, have been closed in the past year. Always check out the tools.  Tools that I have used include: