Polls and Surveys

Whether using your LMS quiz features, survey software such as SurveyMonkey, or polling software such as CrowdSignal or Kahoot, surveys and polls provide an easy way for you to get feedback from students on new instructional strategies, activities, or assignments. Whether a brief mid-course check-in or a more comprehensive end-of-course survey to supplement the standard course evaluation, surveys and polls provide a convenient method for you if you wanted to include student reaction and feedback in their assessment and evaluation activities.

Surveying and Polling Tools

Online surveys can provide information on student perceptions (emotions, feeling, attitudes) of their classroom experience. For example it can reveal perceptions on:

  • the content of a course
  • specific components of a course
  • course components which aid or are detrimental to learning
  • the effects of course innovations

Using online surveys for an attitudinal survey may also focus on students’ needs in taking a course, how well those needs are met, student interest in or appreciation for the subject matter or field, student confidence in their ability to perform in a course, or their beliefs about the nature of the discipline itself, e.g.

  • the nature of a discipline (chemistry, physics, mathematics, engineering)
  • the nature of learning within a discipline
  • their ability to learn within a course
  • useful strategies for learning within a course or discipline
  • their own learning style or preferences for learning

A survey can be useful for gauging the entire class’s grasp of course concepts, since survey answers are aggregated. Because of their anonymous and aggregated nature, surveys may also be particularly handy for course evaluation.