Tools – Podcasting

The instructional use of podcasts has increasingly become a more common practice in higher education during the past few years. The distribution of audio content on the internet however is neither new technology nor a new practice. What is unique about podcasting is the ease with which content can be created, distributed and accessed by users. Podcasting takes advantage of a technology called Really Simple Syndication (RSS) which permits users to subscribe to podcasts and receive automatic updates each time a new episode is published to the web.

Some potentially valuable instructional uses of podcasting from include:

To get started,check out this article from NPR on 5 apps teachers are using to make student podcasts:

  • Anchor
  • Audacity
  • WeVideo
  • Soundtrap
  • GarageBand

NRP also has a detailed curriculum guide for educators regarding the use of podcasts for learning.  It includes a breakdown of the process and a series of sample lesson plans to ensure that students have the skills and background knowledge to start making a podcast.