Teaching Online Toolbox

tools on keyboardTechnology is obviously an important consideration in teaching online.  The key question is – which of the myriad of available technologies would most meaningfully impact learning in my online class?  There is not a one-size-fits-all response to this question.  Equally important, the technology is of little use if it is not coupled with an associated practice that makes it compelling to use a particular tool in your online class.

Technology is a loose term we are using here to indicate a web application for your class.  In the past decade, the web has evolved from a destination to a place for social interaction.  The combination of unlimited access to information coupled with the unprecedented ability to publish to the web creates new opportunities for teaching and learning in online classes.

Some key questions in this section:

  • What does research suggest about integrating technology into your teaching?
  • How do new social media tools open up opportunities for connecting and collaborating with online students?
  • How can content be provided in new and engaging ways?
  • What practices online support learning-centeredness?
  • What role can mobile devices such as smart phones play in online learning?
  • How might students collect their work as part of a college ePortfolio?

This section includes: