A Delicious Interview

Over in the Bamboo Project this morning, Michele Martin has posted her interview with my colleagues, Jeff Nugent, Bud Deihl, and me. Michele did a nice job capturing the highlights of the 24-minute talk, but I thought I would add some reflections of a participant. I “met” Michele through del.icio.us earlier this year. I no… Read more A Delicious Interview

Will’s Hot Button

I enjoy reading Will Richardson’s blog Weblogg-Ed because it is always insightful and relevant. Will’s rant this past weekend on “URGENT: 21st Century Skills for Educators (and Others) First” obviously hit some buttons in the blogosphere. Posted March 9th, it now has 96 comments (to date) and growing. The preponderance of comments back Will’s view… Read more Will’s Hot Button


Tom Peters has stated many times in his presentations that we should not “benchmark” our performance – base our performance off good past practices, but rather we should “futuremark” – be the future others will wish to benchmark. I was thinking about that this week as I conceptualized this coming summer’s faculty institute. Our Center… Read more Futuremark

Stunning Visualizations

The April 2008 issue of MIT’s Technology Review has six pages of stunning visualizations of social networks. The article, “Between Friends,” by Erica Naone, provides views such as the ones below. I have found Technology Review to be a gold mind of future oriented thinking and love their website! And as this article illustrates, Web… Read more Stunning Visualizations

Web 2.0 Webcast

I attended the MLA webcast on Web 2.0 Principles and Best Practices today and thought it would be a good opportunity to test out Cover It Live, which I saw Barry Dahl use at eLearning 2008. Click below to view my notes: My initial impression – Cover It Live (link) is a nice note-taking tool.… Read more Web 2.0 Webcast

Is Education In Sync?

Thanks to my background in quality, I try to stay current with some of the business blogs in addition to education blogs. One that I like is Guy Kawasaki’s blog, so when he suggested businesses look at Penelope Trunk’s advice, that is worth checking out. Penelope was advising businesses on the best ways to hire… Read more Is Education In Sync?