The Human in the Loop

I just finished reading Ethan Mollick’s interesting book: Co-Intelligence: Living and Working with AI (2024).  I think that he makes a strong case for co-opting AI into our lives…but not turning our lives over to AI.  In other words, he noted that we need to keep the human in the loop, as the image above… Read more The Human in the Loop

Is AI the New Gold Standard?

Back in 2008, in the early days of my blog posting, I wrote a post entitled “The Gold Standard for eLearning.”  I had just returned from the ITC 2008 conference, and was energized by the key note presentation by Patrica McGee, Associate Professor of IT and Program Coordinator for Adult and Higher Education at the… Read more Is AI the New Gold Standard?

Educated Bravery

As many of you know, I have not blogged in a year…and I only blogged 4 times in 2023 and twice in 2022.  I was facing the re-emergence of my prostate cancer after 18 years in remission, as well as breast cancer diagnoses in both of my twin daughters. That shifted my focus to taking… Read more Educated Bravery

Where’s the Faculty?

Way back in 1984, Wendy’s introduced an advertisement that in modern terms would be seen as having gone “viral.”  Three elderly ladies are at a fast food counter ordering a Big Bun, and one says: As I read Educause’s article on the IDEAS Framework this past week, a similar reaction hit me.  Where’s the faculty?… Read more Where’s the Faculty?

What Is Retirement?

One of my granddaughters and I have had a running joke for the past decade around the word “retirement”.  As a pre-teen, she struggled with the idea that I could “retire” from a full-time job but keep teaching…and then retire from teaching but keep advising doctoral students, and so on. Well, I guess the joke… Read more What Is Retirement?