My Appreciation for my Readers

Thank You

Michele Martin and others have suggested that we set aside the day after taxes are due as Blog Reader Appreciation Day. What a wonderful idea! As we travel down our personal roads, we often do not take the time to say THANKS!  Writing a blog is an intensely personal thing, and yet, the support and feedback you get from your readers are part of what motivates you to continue. I will never know or meet most of the people that read this blog, but I can see from the ClustrMap that my readers span all continents but Antarctica (have to work on that!). That is both humbling and richly rewarding!

Back in 2001 when I was teaching online in Georgia, there was a cartoon in the Chronicle of Higher Ed in which two faculty were discussing online teaching and one quipped, “I thought that this distance learning thing was going to keep undergraduates away from our offices!” I thought then and I continue to think now how out of touch that cartoon actually is. Our lives are enriched by the connections we make online, and my life has certainly grown richer this year through the friendships with fellow bloggers like Michele, Gabriela Grosseck, Eduardo Peirano, Will Richardson, Sue Waters, Wes Fryer, Vicki Davis, John Krutsch, Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, Barry Dahl, and of course, my office mates Bud Deihl and Jeff Nugent…all nurtured through thoughtful reading and responding in our various blogs. I of course have left quite a few out…but these are the people who have guided, nurtured, and supported my efforts. It is their blogs that have made a difference in mine. As we connect and comment, our circle of friends grow. I deeply appreciate the comments you all have made to my postings – they help refine and focus my thoughts and improve my productivity as a faculty developer.

So Happy Blog Reader Appreciation Day! You make my day this day and every day!

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3 thoughts on “My Appreciation for my Readers

  1. The last two years since I have a blog brought a wonderful improvement of my professional life (and personal too).

    Though I have English language problems I discovered that the edublogger world gave me the reason (and sometimes the push) to eb a better teacher.

    Thanks Britt! Thanks EduBlogs!

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