Off to Elon U Tomorrow

Our team from the CTE at Virginia Commonwealth University, Jeffrey Nugent, Bud Deihl, and myself, head down to North Carolina tomorrow to present at the 2010 Elon University Teaching and Learning Conference: Connectivity in Higher Education.  Jeff is leading a presentation with me on new opportunities afforded by networked learning, while I am teaming with Bud to present on the options personal learning networks open up for faculty development.

Besides some interesting presentations, this will give us an opportunity to see how another institution does an in-house teaching and learning conference.  We have attended several Faculty Academies conducted by the University of Mary Washington at the end of the academic year, and now we are going to observe one conducted at the start of the academic year.  Our long term goal is to come up with a model that fits VCU…hopefully before we all retire!

I will blog more after the conference.  For those interested, here are the slides that Bud and I will use:

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