A Piece of My Network

Harold Jarche had an interesting post today on “Leveraging Visualization” that included his LinkedIn Connections.  His map shows lots of nodes amid his distributed connections.

It got me thinking about what my map might look like, so I used LinkedIn Labs website to create my own map:

LinkedIn Map

What is apparent (to me) is that I am a node connecting five different networks, but only two of them are tightly linked.  The yellowish network to the right is VCU related, while the blue and pink networks are edtech related (blue being Edubloggers).  Two institutions I have worked with remain islands in my total networked sea.  Quite different from Harold’s network, and again, it is a piece of my network.  While there are overlaps, many of my Twitter and Facebook connections do not show within this LinkedIn arrangement.



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3 thoughts on “A Piece of My Network

  1. Interesting. But in my experience maps are used to find one’s way or locate something. What are you looking for?

  2. Dr. Watwood,
    This map may be showing you at a center, reaching and connecting different groups. Would your map look different if you published a book so people from all over the globe would be connecting with you?
    Your blog site is so lively, it looks great with interesting content. Thank you, Mo

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