Unintended Audiences

…and that is not all bad!

One month ago, I did a “brown-bag” session here at VCU to introduce faculty and staff to the concept of RSS Feeds and Google Reader. I did a second session for some faculty on our medical campus. All told, I had about 15 people attend between the two campuses.

I also happened to upload my presentation slides to SlideShare.

One month later, I am amazed at my unintended audiences’ “participation” as illustrated by views, downloads and embeds:

Slideshare stats

In fact, a friend in Romania commented that she intended to use it with her faculty, and a nursing college in the West Indies embedded it in their Library blog for their faculty development:

St Kitts

I find it fascinating and illustrative of our interconnected world that many more people across the globe have seen a presentation I gave to so few here on campus!

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