The Comment Challenge Continues

Edublogs has updated WordPress, so thought I would do a quick Comment Challenge update to test it out. The “real estate” is quite different, but in taking it for a drive, not seeing any problems and like some of the new features I am spotting.

My previous Comment Challenge post summed up nine days – doing better now so this will only cover three days! Day 21 asked us to use a comment to make a recommendation. I did that in several places to highlight Kayrn Romeis and her request for “How I Got Started” stories on social media. She will be analyzing those stories for her dissertation, which should be very interesting. Our own Michele Martin gave a great response this past week, so I bet I was not the only one making this recommendation.

Day 22 asked us to reflect on the comments we received and highlight a favorite. I would have to first say that I am so new to blogging that I treasure every comment received! But if pushed to pick a favorite, the one that jumps to mind is one our favorite blogging cheerleader sent me last week. After I noted that I had broken all the Comment Challenge rules by dumping 9-days worth in to a single post, Sue Waters sent me this:

Can I break all commenting rules and say excellent post? Well I going to anyway. Any post that makes me laugh several times will I read it means that you have done an excellent job and engaged the reader. Its a special talent to be able to convey humour in a post and you’ve done it well here.

It put a smile on my face that lasted all day! Thanks, Sue!

For today – Day 23 – we are to blog about what makes a great comment. What comes to my mind is something I heard Barbara Sawhill say at Faculty Academy 2008. She was talking about how some students of hers evaluate peer writing. One comment was “It showed the writer cared and made me care.” To me, that is what makes a great comment – the passion comes through the text.

So hope everyone has a good weekend! At our Center, we continue our preparations for our week-long Summer Institute on Teaching and Learning with Technology. Since it is hands on, we limit the Institute to 18 people (16 desktops in the lab and another 2 laptops on tables in the back of the lab). This summer, we have a full Institute and 8 people on the waiting list. It appears our faculty are growing more hungry for technology skills!

For those outside the United States of America, this is our Memorial Day weekend. It is the traditional start of summer for us…but as a retired naval officer, it also is an opportunity to remember those friends who gave their lives for this country.

Being a long weekend, I plan to also spend some time doing something I really love – woodworking. Last summer, I expanded the deck on the back of our house, so this weekend, I plan to build an outdoor dining table for the deck. It will be a slat-top table so that water runs through it fine, with L-shaped legs on the four corners and mortise and tenon skirts on the sides. Should be fun! I find it refreshing to do work with wood after swimming in Web 2.0 waters all week!

5 thoughts on “The Comment Challenge Continues

  1. Any chance that you’d like to come up to Philadelphia and do a little woodworking? I’m moving this week and could sure use some nice patio furniture. And someone to put in the patio too. We’re very historical up here–you’d love it!:-)

  2. LOL! I have a hard enough time doing woodworking for myself. But made great progress today – mortise and tenon legs and table skirt. Start the top tomorrow – 24 slats set in to a frame.

  3. Oh no just realised I had a spelling error in my comment was meant to say “several times while I read it” not “several times will I read it”.

    I’m really glad that comment made your day because I stressed over writing it. Was worried that highlighting your great sense of humor may be perceived as being rude. Its funny how lack of visual and verbal cues that you get with f2f conversations impact on how we can determine how people will take our comment conversations.

    I should also now say another excellent post because you’ve also given us insight into who you are and your passions. Very important aspects. I can now visualise you enjoying yourself while building. Hope you share a photo of your complete work. Our long weekend is next weekend — but is heading into Winter!

  4. I, too, like how you focused in on the passion of the comment. That seems to be a familiar anchor for what bloggers would like to see — even if the visitor does not agree. Passion can fuel a discussion.

    Good luck with your project this weekend and best of luck with your Summer Institute.


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