Yet Another Wordle

I was on vacation when the Wordle craze started, but I still found it compelling. Thought I would take a look at how it viewed my blog posts for the last month. Pretty, and some interesting words jump out at me.

Annual Report Reflections

I should be working on my annual report – it is due in a week…but I am reflecting instead on the bigger picture. Last year, I reported on the number of faculty served, the number of consultations conducted, the number of workshops presented, the number of conference presentations conducted…all good stuff and all typical in… Read more Annual Report Reflections

Metaphors for Web 2.0

Michele Martin had a wonderful post today that mirrored some reflections of my own. In “If You Behave Like a Disease, People Develop an Immune System“, she talks about how the “viral” model we use for thinking about spreading information on the web may not be the best way of thinking about how to reproduce… Read more Metaphors for Web 2.0


Our office is in the midst of packing up to move across campus to the Grace Harris Hall. Moving is one of those routine things in my life. In 22 years in the Navy, Linda and I moved 12 times. There is an old Navy saying that three moves is the equivalent of one good… Read more Change

Taking a Different Tack

Friday afternoon, I tweeted that I was checking out a very good list of top K12 Edublogs and asked on Twitter if anyone knew of a comparable list of higher education edublogs. I also noted that I liked the Education Alltop because it mixed higher ed with K-12. Jon Becker tweeted back with a good… Read more Taking a Different Tack