My Next Summer Reading Plans

A delivery from Barnes and Noble is like Christmas in July.  As much as I like digital, there is something comforting about holding a book.  Here are the next four books I plan to read this summer:


Looking forward to jumping in!

And by the way, they are sitting on one of my favorite chairs, designed by a student in the Interior Design program at Gwinnett Technical College many years ago.  It, like these books, reminds me that we can go anywhere our imagination will take us.


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4 thoughts on “My Next Summer Reading Plans

  1. I haven’t blogged about it yet, but I really enjoyed the new Shirky book, although there are a couple of points I want to push back on – whenever I get around to it.

    Just finished the first chapter of Menand’s The Marketplace of Ideas. Reform and Resistance in the American University. So far it’s a good read, mainly historical in nature. Looking forward to the last half.

    I’ll check out your other choices. Thanks Britt.

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