30 Day Challenge – Day 18 – The Imagination Spiral

Last week, I stumbled upon an EdTechReview blog post out of India on “How Curriculum for 21st Century Must Look Like?“. One of the things I treasure about my PLN is the alternative viewpoints that come out of Europe, Asia, South America and Australia. Granted that while different, higher education is really not that different…we are all trying to solve similar problems.

CreativityIn this post, Santosh Bhaskar K has a quote from the former President of India:

“Imagination leads to creativity, Creativity blossoms thinking, Thinking provides knowledge, Knowledge results innovation and Innovation makes the nation great.” – Abdul Kalam.

Santosh goes on to suggest that, for higher education, this means that the following aspects should be folded in to their curriculum:

  • Research and Enquiry
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Use of technology
  • Entrepreneurial leadership
  • Moral leadership

I like the quote. Kalam spent much of his presidency advocating for the development of India as a knowledge superpower, But for me, the process he described is more circular than linear – and is more global than simply applying to India alone.


So my 30-Day Challenge question for today is:

Day 18 – How can I teach in a way that sparks learner imagination, fosters their creativity, and leads their thinking from knowledge to innovation?

I definitely do not have the total answer to this…but one partial answer might lie in giving up control…a theme I will return to this week.  Paving the way to intrinsic motivation (what students want to do) rather than extrinsic motivation (what I tell students to do) might go a long way to unleashing student imagination…and innovation.


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