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  1. Denise Butts October 27, 2013 at 9:41 am |

    Dr. Watwood,

    Yes, on-line discussion guidelines need to be revisited. An area of feedback for my Fall I course was to revisit meaning ways of ensuring that discussion posts become learning centers. It is frustrating attempting to engage classmates who never respond to your comment(s). We have to get this right!

    Additionally, WATCH OUT for on-line discussion forum CLIQUES. These are individuals who may or may not share an affiliation outside of the class, but seem to consistently respond to each other’s post. This social dynamic hasn’t escaped on-line discussion forums. If we watch and observe, the patterns will emerge.

    At the graduate level, on-line courses must assist students in SYNTHESIZING information not just summarizing, but deeply analyzing and applying a topic. From my observation and interaction with on-line discussions, this aspect is often missing. We harp on the topic at hand, but rarely relate to other issues impacting the topic.


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