Class Act

With my nephew’s wedding this past weekend, I did not get around to posting something that happened last week, but I was deeply moved.

One of my colleagues from Gwinnett Technical College, Jackie Bush, called me last Thursday morning to simply thank me.  She is retiring and moving on to a consulting business, and before she left Gwinnett Tech, she wanted to call people who positively impacted her career and just say thanks!  What a neat thing to do and I will tell you it lifted me for the entire day!

Jackie taught cosmetology for many years at Gwinnett Tech – about as “hands-on” a program as one can have.  Yet six years ago, she was one of the first faculty at Gwinnett to see the power of online learning as an enhancement to her discipline.  She had the first web enhanced cosmetology program in Georgia, the first online course (a licensure prep course), and I noticed she now has a new blog to go with her new consulting role.  I appreciated her call to thank me, but she likewise helped me by being one of the early adopters of online learning.

I know Jackie will continue to do good things!  Best of luck to a class act!

{Photo Credit:  SalonApprentice, Gisela Giardino}

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