Tools Retrograde

For the 12th year in a row, Jane Hart is once again asking professionals to vote on their own top tools for learning. I always look forward to Jane’s call for votes…as it provides an opportunity for me to reflect on my own use.  Last year’s compilation can be found here.  My post last year… Read more Tools Retrograde


Something I tweeted earlier this week…but it keeps circling around in my head: Anyone in faculty dev should read @hjarche post “the uncertain future of training” … very relevant to our field – — Britt Watwood (@bwatwood) May 10, 2017 Harold noted in “the uncertain future of training” that training courses are artifacts of… Read more Futuremark

The Networked Age

The mind naturally looks for connections and patterns when involved in multiple tasks, and as I am currently teaching both EDU 6323 – Technology as a Medium for Learning – for Northeastern University and ILD 831 – Technology and Leadership – for Creighton University, there are common points.  One of those is the idea that… Read more The Networked Age

Integrating EdTech into Lessons

This week in EDU6323 – Technology as a Medium for Learning – the students submitted revamped lesson plans that incorporated some aspects of the course into their planned teaching.  The focus of the week was formative assessment, so as expected, polling and practice quizzes factored heavily.  One student mentioned the interleaving principle raised in Michelle… Read more Integrating EdTech into Lessons

Curating Curation

I noticed this tweet last night from Laura Gogia: I guess it’s time to watch a movie or something. Make some dinner. Do something other than curate information on curating. — Laura Gogia (@GoogleGuacamole) March 13, 2016 Curating curation is what my class at Northeastern University spent this past week doing in EDU6323! My point… Read more Curating Curation

In an Internet Minute

Jane Hart shared this neat infographic from Tech Span.  It is interesting to see how social media continues to grow year to year.  One wonders why YouTube growth was so much faster than other established processes… Thoughts? Created by Tech Spartan

Wirearchy as Leadership Concept

Over the last several years, I have taught Technology and Leadership in Creighton University‘s interdisciplinary doctorate program. This program brings students with backgrounds in business, education, healthcare and non-profits together to explore issues in an interdisciplinary way. My premise in designing the course is that leaders today operate in an unprecedented environment. In the past,… Read more Wirearchy as Leadership Concept

Some Gems from Week 1 Blogging

During the first week of ADLT 640 – The Theory and Practice of eLearning Integration into Adult Environments – we looked at the changing landscape of learning (with hat-tip to Jeff Nugent) and the Evolution of Elearning (with hat-tip to Ruben Puentedura) A term that came up in class when defining “e-learning” was organic…a natural… Read more Some Gems from Week 1 Blogging