30 Day Challenge – Day 6 – A State of Surprise

Grant McCracken, in “The Corporation is at Odds with the Future,” noted: “Here is my present idea of the corporation, give or take. The corporation is a thing of people, processes, places, and products (give or take). And these 4 Ps are relatively well-defined, organized, boundaried, and anchored (more or less).“ In many ways, this describes… Read more 30 Day Challenge – Day 6 – A State of Surprise

Connected Learning

With a hat-tip to Jeff Nugent for bringing this new ebook to my attention, I have just finished reading Teaching in the Connected Learning Classroom, edited by Antero Garcia.  This book is a collection of narratives from primarily K-12 teachers within the National Writing Project, openly sharing their views of “what education can look like.” … Read more Connected Learning