Spring Has Arrived

Garden 1


My wife I and stepped away from technology yesterday and spent the afternoon in the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens here in Richmond.


It is still early in spring and the air was a bit chilly, but it was amazing to see the rich colors that were evident. The gardens have several ponds and the reflections took your breath away.


The cherry blossoms were in bloom and several other flowering trees competed for attention. The Carolina Jasmine scented the air with fragrant aroma.


An interesting sight was a “frame” mounted on posts, allowing you to create an impressionist’s picture.

Garden 2

Even where few flowers were blooming, the view was fantastic.
Garden 3

We share this world with many creatures. As we were leaving, a non-poisonous 3-foot water snake came out to sun itself on the path.

Garden 4

All and all, a very enjoyable day!

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